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For a generation now the British have been buying up property for restoration in France, Spain and Italy. Today, however, these properties, closer to home are no longer the bargains they once were. With cheap flights and the EU enlargement, Bulgaria, as one of the Applicant countries, is emerging to be one of the most attractive destinations to look for your ideal property. argentina-fallsTucked away in the corner of South East Europe, Bulgaria is only a 2.5 hour car drive from the gateway to the Orient and has Romania on the North, the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia on the West, Greece and Turkey on the South and the Black Sea on its Eastern border.

The general trend in Eastern Europe in recent decades has been for citizens to move from the country into the city, leaving many rustic properties available for sale at amazing prices and plots of land for building can be bought for a few thousand pounds.

The scenery on the Adriatic is legendary and Bulgaria is described as Europe's best kept secret. The Black Sea, where the majority of our properties are based, was inhabited centuries ago - the earliest records date from 5th century BC. Nowadays it is a magnet for hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and foreign visitors every year. The Black Sea coast is also one of the best spa areas in the country where the combination of sea climate, mineral baths, hot springs, and curative mud adds to the possibilities of holiday enjoyment. The vast tourist complexes such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, newer resorts like Albena, and holiday villages such as Elenite and Dyuni compare favorably with villa settlements in the Mediterranean.

With a population of 8,519,155, Bulgaria is as big of England but with only a fraction of the population. has long hot summers, mild Autumns and Springs and a cold, usually snowy Winters.

argentina-fallsThe capital, Sofia, boasts a large orthodox church, a synagogue and a mosque, all on the same square. This cultural co-existence reflects the genuine and deep respect Bulgarians have for their history of various cultural influences. The motto of Sofia is 'Ever growing, never old'

The official language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian. The Bulgarian language belongs to the group of the Slavic languages and it is very close to Russian, Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian languages. The majority of people speak Russian, basic English, German and French. It should be noted that Bulgarians shake their heads from the left to the right to express "YES". However, this stands for "NO" in the rest of the world!

Money and Currency Exchange
Many local and international banks and currency exchange offices function in the capital and around the country. Bank working hours are: 9 a.m. - 3 a.m., Monday to Friday. Currency exchange offices are open to 6 p.m., some work 24 hours a day. Currency exchange is available also at the airport on arrival or departure, and in the big hotels.

Monetary Units
The official monetary unit is called "LEV" (plural "LEVA"). The banknote denominations include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 LEVA, as well as coins - 1, 2, 5,10, 20, 50 called "stotinki" ("stotinka" for singular). 1 LEV coin is also available.

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